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Question Banks are databases of multiple choice questions formatted for use with the FITS Quiz Generator or with ExamView by Turning Technologies.  Each question is page-referenced to the corresponding textbook.


A note about validation: Our questions are written by certified instructors to comply with recognized best practices for test item composition, and are reviewed by working fire service professionals.  However, the questions have not been subject to a formal validation process.

  • Not all banks shown below.  For a complete list of available banks, click on the Price List button near the top of the page.

  • *Upgrade price applies to licensees of a previous edition of a bank.

  • Ordering: we sell only to fire departments and fire service training agencies.  No web sales!  Call with your order.  Payments may be made by credit card, purchase order, or invoice.

  • Delivery: your software is delivered electronically via the web.  Most orders are delivered within 24 hours or receiving them.


Use it to open a bank of test questions, view, select, edit and write questions, customize, preview, and print a quiz and answer key, etc.   

The Quiz Generator by itself doesn’t come with any “built in” questions.    Use it to write your own questions, or buy our Question Banks (below), or both.  Runs on Windows 7 or newer.


The main functions include:

  • Display questions in a question bank

  • Browse through a question bank using various search tools

  • Display the quiz

  • Customize the quiz

  • Save quizzes for future use

  • Print quizzes

  • Print answer key

  • Edit questions

  • Add new questions to an existing question bank

  • Create your own question banks

The Quiz Generator is easy to learn and easy to use.  With the QG, you can assemble and print a written quiz in minutes instead of hours! 


Our software comes in two parts- the Quiz Generator and the Question Banks.  Think of Quiz Generator as the gun, and the Question Banks as the bullets.  See below for details.

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